CLIC Sargent has seen a 60% decrease in the donations they rely on to operate since the coronavirus outbreak. This, combined with a significant increase in requests from young cancer patients and their families for support, is putting the charity under financial pressure. To support CLIC Sargent and their beneficiaries, we invite you to take this opportunity to fundraise for the charity. This will help them continue providing vital social worker support, keep Homes for Homes open as a safe place for families to stay close to the specialist hospitals and relieve the pressure on the NHS – among others activities. Your entry fee will be divided in three ways: • 60% is donated to CLIC Sargent • 20% is paid to the platform for the administration • 20% is paid to the top 3 winners at the end of the quiz: o 10% to 1st place o 6% to 2nd place o 4% to 3rd place

No current available quiz events.

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