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We recognise that quiz events are great way of fundraising, however with people’s busy schedules it is often inconvenient for them to attend a venue for such an event.


We have therefore launched Virtual Quiz Events, a website where charities and fundraisers can schedule their online quiz events and people can register to play their quiz online on the scheduled date and time, without having to attend a physical venue.


With the Virtual Quiz Events taking just 15 minutes, this provides fundraisers with a fantastic and fun online fundraising event service, while enabling people to play from the comfort of their homes, and from anywhere in the world.

The fundraiser organisation sets the date and time of their quiz event, and the price for player entry. Their quiz is immediately available for people to register to play in and is listed on the Available Quiz Events page.

No. The Virtual Quiz Events are fully hosted for the fundraisers, therefore all questions and answers are stored and used by the quizzes. The question categories used are: General Knowledge, Sport, Film & TV, and Music.

No. Fundraisers can schedule as many Virtual Quiz Events as they wish and as regularly as they want.

Each Virtual Quiz Event has an ‘Enter quiz’ button, enabling you to enter to play the fundraiser’s quiz. You must be logged in to complete your quiz entry.


Your quiz event will be listed in ‘Pending Quiz Events’ within your player account, simply press ‘Play’ within 2 hours of the start time you will see the countdown to your quiz.

Yes. Because the fundraiser quiz events are online, anybody can register and play them from anywhere in the world.

Once you have joined to play in a fundraiser quiz event, it will immediately appear in your ‘Pending Quizzes’ tab in your player account.


All players log into the quiz on its scheduled date and time, the countdown starts 2 hours before the quiz start! Simply press ‘Play’ against the quiz and you will be in and ready to play.


All players play against each other through 6 rounds of multiple-choice questions across the categories of General Knowledge, Sport, Film & TV, and Music.


Round 1 – General Knowledge

Round 2 – Film & TV

Round 3 – General Knowledge

Round 4 – Sport

Round 5 – General Knowledge

Round 6 – Music


There are 5 questions in each round, with 20 seconds in which to answer. The quiz events are won by players that answer the most questions correctly and in the fastest time.


You can ‘Pass’ a question, however this will be counted as an incorrect answer. If you run out of time to answer a question, this will be counted as an incorrect answer.


At the end of each round, the player will be shown their current quiz position. At the end of the final round, the final quiz result will be presented with every player’s finishing position, the amount of fundraising raised and the amount of winning players’ prizes.

Every player’s payment for registering to play the fundraiser’s Virtual Quiz Event contributes to the ‘Fundraiser Fund’, therefore the more players who play, the more fundraising and prize-winning is available.


At the end of the Virtual Quiz Event, the fundraiser is allocated 60% of the Fundraiser Fund. The first placed player receives 10%, the second placed player receives 6%, and the third placed player receives 4%.

The player who answers the most questions correctly wins the fundraiser quiz event. If more than one player finishes with the same number of correct answers, the players who answer in the fastest times will win.


Therefore, as well as knowledge, players with speed will win the quiz events.

The fundraiser will receive a donation by bank transfer for the money raised by their Virtual Quiz Event, along with a donation advice by email. The donation will be paid 3-5 working days of their quiz event. The fundraiser has a facility within their account to provide the bank details required to receive their donations.

The quiz winners will receive their prize winning by bank transfer 3-5 working days of the quiz event. The player has a facility within their account to provide the bank details required to receive their prize winning.

No! It costs absolutely nothing for fundraisers to schedule fundraiser quiz events, and they can schedule as many as they like, as regularly as they like.

If you have any technical issues, send us exactly what happened to contactus@virtualquizevents.com. Also, include any screenshots as this will help our technical team with their investigations.

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