How It Works

Virtual Quiz Events is the innovative fundraising website that enables fundraisers to hold online quiz
events, with players able to play from anywhere, without having to attend a physical location.
This simple fundraising model works in 3 steps.


Schedule A Quiz

The fundraiser schedules the date and time of their Quiz Event and it is immediately available for
anybody to register to play. It costs nothing for a fundraiser to schedule their Virtual Quiz Event.


Player Registration

People register to play the fundraiser’s Quiz Event, and on the date log in from anywhere to play the
20-minute Virtual Quiz alongside all of the other players.


Quiz Winners & Fundraising

The 1st , 2nd & 3rd placed players win the Quiz Event’s cash prizes and the Fundraiser organisation
receives the donation funds raised from the player registrations.


The Fundraising & Prize Winners

The fundraiser sets the registration amount for players to register to play in their Quiz Event,
with all the registrations making the fundraiser fund.


1st place wins 10% of the fundraiser fund


2nd place wins 6% of the fundraiser fund


3rd place wins 4% of the fundraiser fund

The fundraiser organisation receives 60% of the fundraiser fund.

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