AFMCG – Fantabulous Fridays!

Play the quiz in support of Andover Fibromyalgia & ME Community Group and make a difference.

Grab your laptop or other device, cosy up and let’s have some fun!

Enter now to secure your place and help support people in Andover & surrounding areas who live with Fibromyalgia and/or ME. Both of these chronic illnesses are very debilitating and we provide a group where people can chat to others living with the same conditions – we’d really appreciate your  support so we continue to support others.

GAME NIGHT:  Friday 3rd December 2021

TIME: 7:30pm

Show off your knowledge and get a chance to win some cash!

1st place wins 10% of the entry fees
2nd place wins 6% of the entry fees
3rd place wins 4% of the entry fees

This fun virtual quiz night has an entry fee of only £3! Contributions are shared with the winners and AFMCG receives 60% of the entry fees

Remember! The more players that enter, the bigger the prize – so remember to your share this link today with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Sign up and play now to get in on having a chance of being a winner. Click on the ‘enter’ button below

How it Works:
Just add your PayPal Email to ensure that the cash prize can be deposited to you immediately if you’re the winner!

Good Luck!

P.S. If you win don’t forget to let us know via social media (Facebook & Twitter) by tagging us @afmcguk and use the hashtag #fantabulousfridays

Quiz date
03 Dec
Quiz time
Quiz Amount
GBP £ 3.00

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